A team project which everyone was assigned two letters in the alphabet and designed 6 pages for each letter. Cover, table of contents, colophon and end sheets of everyone’s own copy are designed differently. I chose a type of Chinese soup and Asian utensils to match the name of the book for my copy.

Instead of making 6 single pages, I used an accordion book format to make my contribution into a mixture of book and poster.

P is for Paradise. I researched the origin and multiple meanings of the word as well as stories of paradise in multiple cultures and religions to visualize through illustrations.

L is for like. Compared with the meaning of “love,” like is more subtle and ambiguous. The paper strip starts from a note someone wrote to someone that is then with movie lines, lyrics, strangers’ conversations and poem lines. At the end of the paper there is a short, playful reply: “OK.” The white squares outside are some personal thoughts on the notion of “like.”